Three Critical Questions for Building a Soild Sale Strategy Foundation

| April 14, 2015

Building a businessThis article addresses the three critical questions Christian business owners should ask themselves in order to start building a solid sales strategy foundation.

Many times, our sales plateau. We can’t seem to increase sales, no matter what we do. There could be many reasons for this, but as referenced in Matthew 7: 24 – 27, anything substantial must be built on a solid foundation.  I believe that the first step in building a solid sales strategy foundation is to spend time with your team and review your company’s marketing message.

Specifically, there are three critical questions that need to be answered by the business owner and his team:

  1. What makes our company different?
  2. What separates us as a company from our competitors?
  3. What is our niche in the industry?

For example, some niche statements can include, “We are THE ONLY company that….,”, or “We specialize in…, or ”We offer exclusive products not found anywhere else…”

Sometimes, the response is, “Well, our company is the best,” “We’re committed to quality,” or “We have lower pricing than anyone else.” None of these generic responses adequately answer the questions above, and you can bet almost all of your competitors are saying the same thing.

For me, the answers to these three questions above are critically important in:

  1. Establishing a laser focus for the business and marketing strategy discussions which ensue.
  2. Creating an easily recognizable company identity that resonates with prospects and customers. In other words, allowing the company to keep its message simple and play to its strengths.

Competitive Advantage with a Disclaimer
No matter your size, consistently communicating the qualities that separate your organization from the rest of the pack can give your company a competitive advantage.

For example, you have the opportunity to communicate your unique message and continually reinforce it through your website, marketing materials, business cards, car wraps, t-shirts, at onsite events, etc.

My experience has been that companies who solely rely on word of mouth advertising to significantly grow their business long-term will not realize the results they want.

Building a solid foundation for growing a business takes planning, executing the plan and monitoring the results as you go forward.


This article was originally published by the Christian Marketing Institute and is republished by permission © 2015 Christian Marketing Institute.

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