The Real Internet Addicts

| March 16, 2014

Close up mid section of a well dressed young businessman text messagingWho are the real internet addicts?  In a recent study done by the Northampton Business School in the UK a surprising result was found. It wasn’t the teenagers or the gaming fanatics or those with nothing else to do. The study showed that those most addicted to the internet were the successful business men and women.  Their quest for success causes them to turn to the internet to try and get ahead. Many reported they would get up in the middle of the night to check email so they are the first to get back to potential clients or to show they can handle any task.

Unfortunately this drive for success and internet addiction causes many to feel isolated and depressed. It sends them in a tailspin. “They spend increasing amounts of time online, waking up three times in a night to check their emails, eating patterns become irregular, relationships suffer and they become totally absorbed and feel anxious when separated from the computer. For overachievers it is worse and they are more likely to burn-out more quickly. They begin to lose judgment and make mistakes.” said one of the researchers.

Such a phenomenon would not be limited to the worldly.  It is possible that a Christian, in the quest to serve the Lord, could become addicted to the internet.  There are so many places online to find information on studying the Bible, to learn creative ideas for evangelism, to debate those with different opinions, to get know how in serving. We can be overwhelmed with the endless stream of information that can help us with our service for the Lord or hinder us by taking our minds off the real goal of loving Christ.

This year I started a new devotional by Chuck Gianotti called Day by Day in the Gospel of Matthew. I had bought the paperback version only to learn after that there are Kindle and iBook versions available. At first I was disappointed but after reading the first several days in the paperback I was thankful that I was able to detach from technology for a bit and just spend some time meditating on the scripture and being challenged by the author’s excellent thoughts.

Time for internet detox?


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