The Ministry of Trauma Healing

| December 1, 2021

The American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute (THI) is bringing hope and restoration to people and communities that have experienced the suffering and shock of traumatic events. THI works through local churches, equipping them to care for people with deep emo­tional and spiritual injuries caused by war, crime, domestic violence, betrayal, or natural disasters. They combine Biblical and mental health resources into an effective intervention that fosters healing and restores relationships with God and others.

Trauma is experiences in life that are so painful, they leave deep and lasting suffering – wounds in the heart and the mind that take a long time to heal. Trauma impacts every part of a person, his or her relationships, their health, their thoughts, and even their faith.

As citizens of the world, we know that suffering is part of the human experience, and has been in every age and in every part of the world.  As Christians, we know that God feels our pain, knows our loss, cares for those who suffer, and is present with us to give us hope and to help us heal.

THI exists to provide a way for those suffering with trauma to find healing by finding the nearness of God.  It does this through training and equipping local churches and ministries with the tools and resources they can use to help people heal in their own communities.

The methodology of THI is straighforward.  It brings a group of people together in a safe space, where they can help one another heal.  Each healing group is led by a trained facilitator using a curriculum that Trauma Healing Institute provides.  The lessons use art, stories, activities and questions to help people engage deeply with themselves, with God, and with each other. As they meet together, people in a healing group learn how to talk about their own pain and listen to the pain of others. They read the Bible to hear what God has to say about suffering. They learn about the journey of healing, and they begin to find forgiveness for those who have hurt them.

And this methodology has proven effective.  Personal stories and research data testify to the transformative healing of this approach.

THI has found that many people want to help others heal, but desire itself is not enough.  It takes knowledge, skill, and care to help others who are in pain, without hurting them more. THI provides the training for those whowant to learn how, including the experience by taking part in healing groups themselves. Not everyone is able to master the skills required to work with people who have experienced trauma, but those who complete the training and demonstrate these skills become certified THI healing group facilitators, with access to the full library of THI materials and advanced training.  Currently, more than 7,500 healing group facilitators are using the THI method to help people who are suffering from trauma in more than 100 countries.

The ministry of THI reaches beyond individuals and extends to whole communities.  Communities can suffer from trauma even as individuals do – trauma caused by violence, crime, poverty, and oppression.  Often people do not know how to respond, except in anger and frustration, that in turn causes only the cycle of trauma to continue and deepen.

Communities where people participate in healing groups become more peaceful places, with healthier relationships, a greater sense of belonging, with less violence, suicide, and divorce.  By encouraging genuine forgiveness, the work of healing can help a whole community recover from histories of conflict.

This is a great mission, and part of our commission in Jesus Christ, to provide compassion and healing in His Name.  The work, although well established, is still new and growing.  Interest and participation is welcomed by churches and Christians and more information is available at

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