Ten Marketing Steps to Take During the Holiday Season

| November 14, 2017

End of year is the time to end strong and to launch your business into 2018.  Here are ten suggestions for your marketing during the holiday season.  Each one will make an impact, but you don’t have to do all 10. If you aim for three (and do them) you are getting ready for a Happy New Year.

  1. PARTY! You’re going to be getting invitations for business parties, from clients, associations, and friends. GO TO THEM! Enjoy yourself. Meet new people. Expand your networks. Have fun!
  2. Host an open house. If you are not invited to enough parties, throw one of your own. Show off your office or your home to your clients, your customers, and those you would like to work with.
  3. Give Personalized Gifts to Your Top 20. End of year is a very good time to review your Top 20 List – the list of your 20 most important clients and referral sources. Hopefully, you know them well enough to get a personalized gift, and if not, invite them to a lunch or dinner to say thank you for their business.
  4. Team with a Charity. Contact a local charity or ministry that will resonate with your clients and customers, and come up with a plan to benefit them while reinforcing your business with your base.  If you ARE a charity or ministry, approach a business that might be willing to work such a partnership.
  5. Get out calendars and stocking stuffers.  Small gifts that keep your name in front of your audience through the upcoming year are a staple of holiday marketing.
  6. Reach out to former clients and customers in a personal way. The holidays are a great time to reach out and reconnect with clients and customers that seem to have moved on.  Identify your favorite former clients and give them a call. You never know if it will restore a relationship.
  7. Decorate Your Website.  People visit your website often – let them see your holiday spirit and the joy of the season
  8. Send Cards. Even in this technology driven world, a personalized (and signed) card still makes a difference.
  9. Give Thanks. It is always timely, and always appropriate, and never more so than end of year to say thank you to your clients, customers, staff, and (most of all) to the LORD, for the year now being completed.
  10. Commit to continuous improvement in 2018. Review your year, determine where you can improve, take a few necessary steps, and then get ready for a Great Year in 2018.

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