“Spring” Into Your Office

| April 14, 2015

Design InteriorYour office should be an expression of you and your business.  So, what’s SPRINGing out of your office?  Does your office still portray the humdrum of winter? And what a winter we’ve had!  You can implement some minor enhancements to make yourself, your employees, and your clients feel the freshness and revitalization of spring.  Spring represents new beginnings (things in bloom), bright ideas (colorful flowers), and fresh thoughts (spring cleaning).  We often make preparations in our home and garden, but what about our office, the place where we spend about one third of our day?

Appealing to the senses is always a good place to start.  A bouquet of fresh flowers at the entrance of your office or reception will invoke a warm greeting.  In an inconspicuous location, place an aromatizer.  However, some aromatizers are very decorative and can be displayed as an accessory item.   This will complement the flowers or be a breath of fresh air in the absence of flowers.  A subtle fragrance appeals to our sense of smell and can unconsciously lift our spirits

Art on the walls is an effective way to bring the outdoors in, to create a sense of familiarity, to evoke conversation, to fill an empty space, or just have something lovely to gaze upon.  Whether it’s reproductions or fine art, the result will be the same.  Art on the walls finishes the space and says you’re going to be there for a while.  It can welcome guests and inspire employees.  Art becomes even more essential when there are no windows in the office space by providing interest or a focal point.  Appealing to our visual sense can be comforting and soothing as well as thought provoking.

Color enhances creativity and productivity.  One wall may be chosen as an accent wall on which a vibrant color can be painted.  Depending on the position of this wall, it can welcome visitors or enhance employee morale and or work product.  The color can be extracted from an existing color palette or it can be a carefully chosen unexpected ‘pop’ of color.  You’d be surprised at the difference adding a dramatic color will make to your space.  This addition may also have the added benefit of updating your office appearance, which may not have been changed in years.  But be careful, as this change may also highlight that indeed it is time for furnishings to be changed.

It may be time for a whole new look! Have your philosophies changed?  Have your objectives or mission changed?  Has your target market or employee base changed?  Does the look of your office represent who you are or who you are serving?  A new look may be as simple as a different furniture layout with a few new pieces or it may require a complete overhaul.  Depending on whom you are serving or what you are producing, this change may have to be incorporated in the strategic plan.  In the meantime, identity and implement minor adjustments that position your space for the impending changes.

When people feel good, they do good.  When is the last time your employees were recognized for their hard work?  We all have some degree of a competitive nature and dare we admit, getting public recognition brings a blushed smile.  Use a wall space to acknowledge employees or clients.  That same wall can house your favorite Bible verse or words of encouragement.  These encouragements can be updated cyclically and employees can be invited to contribute.   One word of encouragement goes a long way.  (Acts 15:31 “The people read it and were glad for its encouraging message,” NIV)  You’ll receive the added benefit of knowing the wealth of wisdom that exists in your work force.

Select one or multiple of these enhancements to implement this Spring.  Observe the change in climate realized in your office by visitors and staff.  The changes will be worthwhile and last long beyond the season.

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