Spark and Echo Arts

| March 6, 2015

spark_and_echo_arts_300Spark and Echo Arts is a Christian ministry in and to the artistic community.  Founded by composer and performer Jonathan Roberts with actor and musician Emily Clare Zempel,  Spark and Echo is on the ambitious project of creating or commissioning a work of art, music, theatre, poetry, dance or film in response to every passage of the Bible.   So far, 2163 verses have been the subject of art through this project – about 7% of the Bible.

Spark and Echo takes the Bible into the artistic community which is generally very skeptical.  Their programming champions the Bible in contemporary culture, fostering artistic dialogue that favors generating work over verbal discussion. The goal is to have the secular audience  (and often the secular artist) confront the Scriptures in unlikely and diverse ways.  The result is often great art.

New work is premiered in their online gallery every Monday; and they also showcase artists at multi-disciplinary live events in NYC and other cities.

Information about Spark and Echo is found at their website — and is well worth the visit.

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