Priority Management vs Time Management

| September 13, 2019

Business owners and executives tell me all of the time how busy they are and that they don’t have time. Do you find yourself saying the same thing? Our mindset is trained to think that ‘if I just managed my time better than everything would be ok’. If we’re honest with ourselves, we can all admit to saying that at times.

Society has trained us to think that it comes down to managing our time better. Instead, let’s focus on how to manage our priorities. If you think about it, deep down we only do what we feel is a priority either at that moment, or at certain times of the day. There are countless examples in the Gospel where Jesus was ‘supposed’ to go to a town to do something, but he always stopped to focus on what was most important.

For instance, Luke 5:16 says that Jesus would withdraw to desolate places and pray. He knew what His priority was at any given moment. Even when he entered into towns, he knew to focus on those that sought him out on faith. So often in those chaotic times of our business and life we lose track of what’s most important. So let’s take a step back and look at a few things that help with priority management.

  1. It’s Your Choice: It’s all about what we choose to focus on, and what we choose to have as our priority especially in business and life. The greatest gift God ever gave us was the gift of free will – we have God’s love and grace in our lives because we chose to believe in Him and follow Him. We often think that we have to manage our time better. Time management has nothing to do with it, rather, it’s what priorities we choose to focus on. John Maxwell said it best, “Time management is an oxymoron.” So choose to focus on your priorities rather than your time.
  2. The 80/20 Rule: 80% of our results come from 20% of our worthwhile efforts or actions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Determine what your 20% includes on a daily/weekly basis. Then focus on that 20% – decide that whatever comes up in your business or life on a daily/weekly basis you will ask yourself ‘Does this fit within my 20%?’ If not, then you have your answer as to what can get set aside and what to focus on for the betterment of your business or life. Just because something seems urgent it doesn’t necessarily mean it is important. Determine what your 20% should look like.
  3. Create a Weekly ‘Success List’ and ‘To-Do List’: A Success List will have those things that you absolutely must accomplish in order for your business to succeed and get to the next level. I recommend that you divide your Success List by specific categories of your business or life – such as, family time, spousal time, personal development, Godly meditation, lead generation/sales, budget, organization, etc. These are things that can be referred to as your ONE Thing – you have a ONE Thing for each category of your life and business to achieve for the betterment of yourself and/or your business. Your To-Do List will be those ‘would-be-nice-to-get-done-but-not-really-necessary’ things. These are things that don’t necessarily have a timeline to complete, and/or are not critical to the success of your business. These can be things like waiting to respond to personal social media inquiries or emails and texts. Additionally, once you create your lists then you will need to protect them at all costs. What I mean by that is to simply focus on accomplishing whatever you put on your list at all costs. Don’t allow distractions to get you off track with your Success List in particular. Having a Success List and To-Do List will help you prioritize the urgent from the important.

Let’s challenge ourselves by changing our thinking about time management. Let’s focus on our overall priorities in order to accomplish what matters most in our business and personal lives. At the end of the day it’s about priority management.

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