Managing Employees Now Working from Home

| May 14, 2020

Understand Their Situation.

Many of your employees will be taking care of their kids and loved ones while working from home. That means more responsibility, more distraction, and more frustration for your employees. (Not to mention the added challenges it puts on managers!).

So what do you do? First, find out what their current situation is. Are they watching their kids? Do they need to set up a “quiet space” in their home to get work done? How is their mental state?

Consider setting up a support system amongst employees. Many companies are helping employees get access to essentials (like toilet paper and formula) so they can focus on their work.

Show your employees that you see them and empathize with them. It is essential to getting the most out of them today and keep them tomorrow.

Set Clear Expectations.

Not everyone is cut out for working from home. Some employees are more easily distracted than others and need distance between their personal and professional lives to be productive. Others thrive working from their home office. Check-in with your employees weekly to make sure they have the resources at home to get their work done.

Be clear with your expectations at the outset of every workday. This should include what projects you expect to be done at the end of each day (and be realistic, especially at the beginning) as well as your feedback on how they are working, communicating, and delivering on the previous day’s expectations.

Help your employees set expectations for themselves as well. This will help them take responsibility for their work product.

Have Dedicated Work Hours.

Parents or employees with caretaking responsibilities may not be able to work the same work shifts as other employees. Consider a core set of”essential hours” that all employees must be online and working together. This is when you do your conference calls, send out essential emails, and focus group projects.

If your employees have other responsibilities during their regular work hours, they are trusted to get the work done at other times throughout the day. By adopting a more flexible work schedule, you show your employees that you respect their priorities are trust them to get the work done with excellence how they see fit.

The BIG takeaway? Employees working from home takes intentional leadership. Your employees can be just as effective when working from home when they are set up for success.

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