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Mats Tunehag is speaker, writer and consultant from Sweden and has worked in more than half the countries of the world. For over 20 years he has had a special focus on developing the Business as Mission, BAM, concept as well as national, regional and global strategic alliances of people and BAM initiatives. He has served for many years as a senior leader on Business as Mission in both the Lausanne Movement and World Evangelical Alliance, and he lectures globally on Business as Mission. He also serves with a global investment fund based on Christian values that helps SMEs to grow in size and holistic impact in the Arab world and Asia, by providing financial, intellectual and human capital.

Mr. Tunehag is the co-author of BAM Global Movement, describing Business as Missions with accounts from real life, available for purchase on Amazon.

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Business as Mission and the Three Mandates

Business as Mission and the Three Mandates

| July 17, 2018

We know that businesses can fail and hurt people (Enron) and harm nature (BP). But it is equally true that we all depend on businesses, and that they can do good. The woman in Proverbs 31 was an astute businesswoman whose ventures served individuals and her community. The¬†Quakers¬†practiced a kind of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) […]

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