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Michael P. Hamer is a lifelong salesperson. He began his sales career at the age of seven, on the streets of Gary Indiana, selling eggs with his grandfather. He graduated from Boston University in 1980 with a degree in Communications concentrating in advertising and marketing. He is a veteran of almost thirty years in advertising sales in the radio and cable TV industries, most notably with CBS Radio, Media General, and Salem Communications, where he was a Sales Manager with WAVA Radio. He has received numerous awards and notable recognition for his sales and management accomplishments. He is the author of Selling God’s Way, where he promotes the return to time-honored ethical business practices in today's complex, evolving economy.

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“In God We Trust” An Overlooked Sales Strategy

“In God We Trust” An Overlooked Sales Strategy

| June 7, 2015

“In God We Trust” lives glorified on the money that salespeople often struggle to accumulate.  But do we really trust in God to succeed? Or do we trust in our own ability to achieve sales success? Most salespeople rely on their intellect or intuition as the final authority regarding any decision that is sales or […]

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