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Michael Boyes is the founder of Credo Consulting whose mission is to help leaders thrive and teams prosper. He believes that people and organizations rise and fall based on the conversations they have, the conversations they don’t have, and on their commitment to honest and positive relationships. For 25 years, Michael has used his training in Industrial/Organizational Psychology to help leaders reach their personal, team, and organizational goals.

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Organic Wisdom – The Co-Generational Method

Organic Wisdom – The Co-Generational Method

| February 14, 2019

Succession Planning will remain a perennial concern as long as executives rely on programs like knowledge management systems, succession planning, and leadership training as their main developmental tools. Leaders will find they get better results using co-generational work processes, which derive learning from the work experience and from social interactions that encourage story-telling, imagining, and […]

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