Hana Pugh

Hana (pronounced like “Benihana”) Pugh is a Operations Coordinator and Jill of all trades at Brand3, Inc. She is located in Baltimore, MD – Charm City! Hana has a background in research and brings experience in supporting teams with logistics and operations.

Hana’s favorite hobby is adding a ton of items to an online shopping cart and closing the browser once she sees the total – she calls it virtual window shopping. Otherwise, you can catch her curating Spotify playlists, traveling stateside and abroad, trying new foods, and convincing her young son to enjoy naps while he still can.

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Why Brand Authenticity Matters

Why Brand Authenticity Matters

| April 16, 2021

Because of the internet, customers are armed with more knowledge than ever before making purchases. They want to feel connected to the brands they engage with and increasingly want to support brands that are authentic. Additionally, they want brands to have real dialogue about what’s happening in the world. Why does brand authenticity matter to […]

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