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Chuck Gianotti, Biblical Eldership Resources, has held elder and leadership roles in a variety of church and Christian organization contexts since becoming a Christian in 1972. He has been serving the Lord full time since 1983 in both the US and Canada, serving in various capacities, including as an elder for over 28 years, most recently with Crossroads Bible Fellowship in Rochester, New York, which he helped plant in 1995. Chuck has taught at Kawartha Lakes Bible College (Canada) and is the founder and former editor of Elders’ ShopNotes (an international bi-monthly ministry letter to elders). His books include A Cosmic Drama: Men, Women & the Church, The Formation of the New Testament, the Day by Day expositional-devotional series, the Elders’ ShopNotes book series (five volumes), The New Testament and the Mishnah, plus numerous pamphlets and blogs. Chuck is vitally interested in discipling men, and he speaks at camps, conferences, and other churches on a regular basis. He has been married to Mary for over 40 years, and together they have two adult children and two grandchildren.

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The Care and Feeding of Volunteers

The Care and Feeding of Volunteers

| May 13, 2019

The church is the largest “volunteer” organization in the world. How are we treating our volunteers? How can you get more people to share the load? A volunteer is a person who willingly serves. Their livelihood does not depend on their serving. Sometimes leaders in the local church (most of whom are also unpaid volunteers) […]

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