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Cathedral Consulting helps private businesses and nonprofits grow to enhance their strength and value. We believe that growth requires a vision for tomorrow as well as an awareness of the needs of today. Our mission is to identify those needs and work alongside our clients to develop affordable and implementable strategies. Our experienced advisors walk alongside our clients to provide insights, skill development, and accountability to enable them to better grow and manage their businesses. Cathedral Consulting knows that most private businesses and nonprofits have limited capital to spend on professional consultants and it’s critical that our advice makes a difference.

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Operating Systems and Culture Change

Operating Systems and Culture Change

| March 18, 2019

Operating systems are intangible assets and establish fundamental disciplines of running the business well.  Operating systems create competitive advantage. Therefore, operating systems are key parts of the value chain in a company. There are many systems in a company, including: Financial Systems ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems Software and processes […]

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